Porcelarts, was developed by the Nihon Vogue-Sha Cp. Ltd., the term Porcelarts itself an amalgam of the words ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Art’, with their combined meanings.


INOR Art and Design Workshop has been accredited by the Niho-Vogue Sha Co. Ltd. These courses beginning with the fundamentals where unique artistic decals are applied to a white porcelain surface. These colourful and decorative decals are then ‘fired’ onto the porcelain giving a safe and long lasting ware for your dinner service. The Porcelarts are a great way to begin exploring the world of art as even with a minimal of artistic skills, you can find full artistic expression.

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Past Events


April 2019

- 櫻花瓷器彩繪 x 和菓子工作坊

September 2018

- Diocesan Old Girl’s Association – Porcelarts Workshop

May 2018

- Chaumet x Elle Magazine - 2 days Porcelarts VIP event at Element

​- Diocesan Old Girl’s Association – Porcelarts Workshop


March 2018

- Chantecaille 20th Anniversary celebration - Design & Produce VIP Gifts

January 2018

- Star Anise Limited - Porcelarts Team Building 


December 2017

- Swire Group (太古集團) - Porcelarts X’mas Champagne Glass Workshop

- Nanyang Commercial Bank (南洋商業銀行) - Porcelarts Team Building 

August 2017

- Nanyang Commercial Bank (南洋商業銀行) - Porcelarts Team Building


June 2017

- Medtronic Hong Kong Medical Ltd.  - Porcelarts Team Building

May 2017

- Swire Group (太古集團) - Mother's Day - Porcelarts Workshop 

April 2017

- Fendi - Porcelarts Team Building

March 2017

- Fendi - VIP Porcelarts Workshops