Porcelarts Instructor Courses 

由日本Vogue Club 頒授, 畢業後可開授日本皇家彩繪興趣班及導師課程。學員必須完成28件日本Vogue Club指定瓷器功課及畢業作以考取資格。

Certified by Japan Vogue Club, certified instructors are qualified to teach Porcelarts instructor class. Students have to finish the 25 appointed porcelain assignment project and the graduation works to obtain the certificate. 

** 上課時間彈性 Flexible time schedule
**學員修畢相關認可證書課程後, 除可擁有專業資格任教相關課程外, 更可教授學員考取同等認可證書資格, 並可享有特惠批發價格購貨。

**詳情歡迎致電/whatsapp : 9614 7282 / 預約到本工作室查詢





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