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Classes and Workshop

​Porcelain Crayons are special crayons that students can use to draw on porcelain. After firing in 800 degree, your drawings will be forever sealed onto the porcelain. And as everyone has drawn with crayons, it's easy to handle and we'll always be there to assist.


Number of classes per session: 1

Duration of each class: 2 hours

Fees: HKD450


- Except for instructor level classes, there is an overtime surcharge of HKD100/hour for all other Porcelarts classes.

- Overtime will be charged 30 minutes after stipulated end of class.All classes by appointment ONLY.

- Please refer to our calendar when you make an appointment.​


瓷器蠟筆體驗班學員可於兩小時內利用特別為瓷器設計的蠟筆繪畫在瓷器上。作品經高溫燒焗後 , 顏色可永久保存。由於與一般蠟筆非常相似 , 所以十分容易掌握 , 儘管你不懂得繪畫 , 導師也可以輔助你創作出非一般的作品。 




學費:$ 450(學費已包括一個8吋瓷器碟,所需材料及燒焗費用。)


​- 所有課程(除導師課程),超時HK$100/小時 (半小時開始作一小時計算)。

- 所有課程都必須預約,預約時間請

Porcelain Crayon Class

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