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Classes and Workshop

Chinese New Year candy box, participants will be free to choose any style of candy box from our collection of porcelain and selection of decorative decals to create their own unique pieces of porcelain art. All finished artworks are food safe as tableware.


We have a large library of decorative decals from Japan to cater your artistic inclinations. All classes by appointment.


Fees: HKD300up (not including materials. Charges will be depending on the materials of your choice)


Except for instructor level classes, there is an overtime surcharge of HKD100/hour for all other Porcelarts classes. Overtime will be charged 30 minutes after stipulated end of class.

All classes by appointment ONLY. Please refer to our calendar when you make an appointment.


For more information  : 9614 7282

新春將至 ,是時候製作一個獨一無二又別具個人風格的全盒。



全盒原本稱作「攢盒」,「攢」字有拼湊及聚合的意思。 因「攢」與「全」同音,後來「攢盒」被寫為「全盒」,寓意十全十美。在中國的傳統風俗上,亦含有不同的好意頭。








學費:$ 300起(不包括瓷器,日本專用瓷器轉寫紙及燒焗費 , 費用視乎學員所選之材料而定)

- 所有課程(除導師課程),超時HK$100/小時 (半小時開始作一小時計算)。

- 所有課程都必須預約,預約時間請參照本工作室每月時間表。

任何查詢 : 9614 7282

Porcelarts Freestyle Class - Chinese New Year Candy Box

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