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For Regular Classes 

Tuition Fee  
. Students are required to pay tuition fee in the first lesson or before, otherwise lessons will not be arranged.  

. Once registered, all fees will not be refunded and will not be transferable to other people or to other classes. 

 Absence & Make up class  
. If students are absent from the class, they will be considered as giving up the lesson and make up class will NOT be arranged.   
. Sickness, school events or other special circumstances, make-up lesson could be arranged.  Doctor cert / School notice / Related documents have to be present as prof.  Make-up lesson may only be rescheduled ONCE. In each month.   

Typhoon & Rainstorm  
. Classes will be canceled once the Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted. These classes will not be rescheduled or refund. 

Photos & Media  
. We will take photos or videos during classes / workshops / events. The face of yourself and your children may be used for teacher training and promotional  purposes (All social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc. )
. If you do not consent to the use of these materials, please inform us.   

Certificate award  
.  For all certificate programs, students who have achieved 80% attendance can receive a certificate from INOR Art and Design Workshop for free.  

Art work pick up  
.  Due to limited space, all artworks have to be picked up within one month, otherwise the items will be sent to charity without further notice.  
. If you are not able to pick up the items (your artwork) in person, we can arrange SF express for delivery. The students will be responsible for the shipment fee.  
.  Our workshop is not responsible for any accidental damage or loss of the items during the delivery period. Personal Information  
. We collect, store and use your personal data in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong. We will deliver promotional information to you.  Should you prefer not to receive such information, please inform us.I have read and agreed to be bound by the above terms and conditions/and hereby acknowledge


  • 學生請於每期第一課或之前繳付學費,否則將不獲安排課堂。



  • 一經報名,所有費用一律不獲退還,及不可轉讓於其他人仕或作往其他課堂之費用。



  • 如果學生缺課,他們將被視為放棄課程,並且不會安排補課。

  • 學生若因生病、學校活動或特殊情況而須請假,敬請出示醫生紙及學校通告,亦只可獲安排一節補堂,而每期只可改堂 一次。



  • 若八號颱風訊號或黑色暴雨警告訊號懸掛,所有課堂將會取消,不獲補課或退款。



  • 我們會於課堂及活動中進行拍攝或錄影,以作教師培訓及宣傳之用(包括Facebook, Instagram 等媒體) 。如家長不同意,請通知我們。



  • 所有證書課程,出席率達八成之學生可獲由INOR Art and Design Workshop頒授證書一張,費用全免。



  • 由於空間有限,凡於本公司完成的作品,必須於一個月內取回,否則作品將送作慈善用途,不作另行通知。

  • 如果您無法親自領取物品(您的作品),我們可以安排順豐快遞送貨。 接收方將負責運送費用。

  • 如作品因運送期間而意外損毀、遺失,本Workshop恕不負任何責任。



  • 我們將根據香港的《個人資料(私隱)條例》收集、保存及使用您的個人資料, 以作本Workshop推廣之用。如閣下不希望接收有關資訊,請通知我們。

Corporate Event & Other Collaboration

  • Typhoon and Rainstorm Warning Signal arrangement:

  • If a Pre-No.8 warning is hoistedd wintin two hours before the start of class, or is still in force at that time having been hoisted earlier, class will be canceled.

  • Makeup class will be rescheduled due to a typhoon or other inclement weather.

  • The participants who are absent, are not eligib.le for refund.

  • Only tutor to decide whether to procees with the class according to the actual situation.

  • No change would be allowed after confirmation, additional cost would be applied on any changes or additional participants.

  • 颱風和暴雨警告信號安排:

  • 如果在課程開始前兩個小時之前提前8號發出警告,或者在此之前已經有效,那麼課程將被取消。

  • 由於颱風或其他惡劣天氣,補堂將被重新安排。

  • 缺席者不獲退款。

  • 導師有權根據實際情況決定是否與其實課程合併上課。

  • 確認後將不允許更改,額外費用將適用於任何更改或其他參與者。


  • 50% on confirmation, payable within 10 days after invoice issued.

  • Extra fee will be charged on top up hours ($100/hr - by cash)

  • Price has included all required materials and tuition fee.

  • This quotation is only valid within 30 days. 


  • HENG SANG BANK: 788-570554-001

  • COD / Cheque

  • 50%確認,在發票開具後10天內支付。

  • 如超時,將收取額外費用為每小時$100(現金)

  • 費用以包括材料和學費。

  • 此報價僅在30天內有效。

  • 銀行明細:

  • 恆生銀行:788-570554-001

  • COD /支票

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